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How to Apply to the Police Service in England and Wales.

Entrance Test Course for English & Welsh Police (PIRT).

How to Apply to the Scottish Police Service.

Scottish Police Entrance Test Course Details (SET) Unique to Scotland.

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It takes a special kind of person to become a Police officer. The application process in Scotland, like the rest of the UK, reflects this. In Scotland as mentioned previously, the application procedure is different to the rest of the UK. The entrance test for Scottish Police forces is known as the SET (Standard entrance Test) and is aimed at or just below standard grade level.  The standard of  the test is actually more demanding academically than the English/Welsh equivalent. So it is important that you study the appropriate course. The English and Wales tests are NOT the same. For details of our SET course  click here.

The application process consists of 5 stages:

Stage 1 - You need to register your interest to join the Scottish Police Service by completing the “initial application form”. You will need to contact your local force who will post you an application form.

Stage 2 - Your application form is processed to make sure that you meet all the relevant criteria for the Police selection procedure. Successful applicants at this point will then be invited to a familiarisation evening. This is question and answer session where you will hear from serving officers about different aspects of the Police service.

Stage 3 - The SET: this is divided into three sections
• Language
• Number
• Information handling

Stage 4 - General interview/presentation

Stage 5 - Fitness Test

If you successfully complete all the stages, you will then be offered a place as a Police Probationary Officer.
Scottish Police Entrance Test Course Details (SET) Unique to Scotland
The Application Procedure for the Scottish Police